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The Courtroom Sketches of Bill Lignante

Page 1 ~ Angela Davis Trial, Artukavic Deportation Attempted Assination of the Pope

Page 1a. Charles Manson

Page 2 ~ Charles Manson, continued, Chowchilla Bus Kidnapping, Daniel Ellsberg - The Pentagon Papers Trial, Gene Tafoya Attempted Murder Trial

The Happy Hour Shootout, Howard Hughes Contested Will, John DeLorean Drug Smuggling Trial

Page 3 ~ John DeLorean Drug Trial, cont., Joseph Franklin - Lary Flint and Vernon Jordan Attempted Murder Trial,

Page 4 ~ Joseph Franklin - Vernon Jordon Attempted Murder Trial, Cont., Kansas City - Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse

Lee Marvin / Michele Triola Marvin Palimony Trial, Lover Mixup

Page 5 ~ Lover Mixup, cont., Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme Attempted Murder of President Gerald Ford, McMartin Child Molestation Trial,

NFL Trial Conspiracy to Move the Rams from Oakland to Los Angeles

Page 6 ~ Rodney King (Page 6, Page 6a, Page 6b, Page 6c)

More pages to come in the future.

The Courtroom Sketches David Rose

Coming soon.

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