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Welcome to our selection of Disney and Warner Brothers Studio Publicity Stills and Lobby Cards.
The Publicity Stills were used by the Animation Studios to promote the theatrical feature being shown by displaying these stills behind
special glass windows at the theaters.
All Publicity Stills are 8 x 10 inch black and white glossies which have been triple matted by us. Price for these stills are $99.00 each.
Custom Framing by our staff is also available for a final framed price of $189.00
So enjoy our vast selection on these pages. Purchase multiple publicity stills to save on shipping and insurance costs.

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Disney titles are found on Pages 1 & 2
Warner Bros. titles are found on Pages 2 & 3
Limited availability titles and Television Show Publicity Stills are found on Page 4 & 5

PS-300 Aristocats
(O'Malley, Duchess, Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse)

PS-301 Aristocats
(Italian Cat and Roquefort)

PS-304 Aristocats
(English Cat, Scat Cat, Roquefort & Chinese Cat)

PS-305 Aristocats
(Edgar & Georges Hautecourt & The Kittens)

PS-306 Aristocats
(Russian Cat, Scat Cat, Chinese Cat, Italian Cat In the Alley)

PS-308 Aristocats
(FrouFrou Pulls Edgar's Coattails)

PS-309 Aristocats
(Duchess Plays the Harp for O'Malley)

PS-310 Aristocats
(Duchess & O'Malley)

PS-311 Aristocats
(O'Malley, Amelia & Abigail Gabble)

PS-312 Aristocats
(Italian Cat & Scat Cat Dance It Up)

PS-313 Aristocats
(The Scat Cats as a Musical Group)

PS-314 Aristocats
(Madame Adelaide Bon Famille & Georges Hautecourt & Duchess)

PS 24. Brave Little Tailor
(Mickey is Brought in Front of the King)

PS 23. Brave Little Tailor
(Mickey Confronts the Giant)

PS119. Canine Caddy
(Mickey Sets Up for the Tee Off as Pluto Watches).

PS120. Canine Caddy
(Mickey Uses Pluto as the Tee)

PS118. Cinderella
(Cinderella in Front of Mirror)

PS108. Donald's Lucky Day
(Donald Duck as Policeman and a Black Cat).

PS109. Donald's Lucky Day
(Donald Duck as Policeman and a Family of Black Cats on 13th Street).

PS 62. The Flying Squirrel
(Donald Duck as the Peanut Vendor).

PS 61. The Fox Hunt
(Donald Duck and the Bloodhounds).

PS 18. Happy Birthday Mickey
(Mickey Mouse & Goofy with a Cake)

PS-315 Lady & The Tramp
(Bull, Tuffy, Pedro & Boris Howling)

PS-316 Mary Poppins
(Bert, Mary Poppins & Jane Banks

PS-317 Mary Poppins
(Mr. Banks, Jane & Michael Banks)

PS-318 Mary Poppins
(Uncle Albert & Bert)

PS-319 Mary Poppins
(Bert & The Purley Band)

PS-320 Mary Poppins
(The Children & Mrs. Banks)

PS-321 Mary Poppins
(Jane & Michael Banks)

PS-322 Mary Poppins
(Bert Panhandling At the Park)

PS-323 Mary Poppins
(Mary Poppings & The Children Sliding Up the Banister)

PS-324 Mary Poppins
(Mr. Banks & The Chimney Sweep Dancers)

PS-325 Mary Poppins
(Katie Nanna , Ellen, Mrs. Banks & Mrs. Brill)

PS-326 Mary Poppins
(Mary Poppins & Bert Dancing)

PS-327 Mary Poppins
(The Window Washers)

PS-328 Mary Poppins
(The Birdwoman Feeding the Birds)

PS-329 Mary Poppins
(The Children in Bed)

PS-330 Mary Poppins
(Mrs. Banks, Ellen & Katie Nanna)

PS-331 Mary Poppins
(Mary Poppins Dances With The Chimney Sweeps)

PS121. Merbabies
(From the Title Card).

PS122. Mickey And The Seal
(Mickey, Pluto and the little Seal).

PS 19. Mickey's Christmas Carol
(Mickey as Bob Cratchet & Family with Turkey)

PS 20. Mickey's Christmas Carol
(Jiminy Cricket Narrates)

PS 21. Mickey's Christmas Carol
(Goofy as X-Mas Ghost in Chains)

PS 22. Mickey's Nephew
(Hanging Wallpaper)

PS198. Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
(Joe E,. Brown and Martha Rae).

PS199. Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
(Eddie Cantor).

PS 30. Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
(Oliver Hardy)

PS 29. Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
(Asst. characters incl. W.C Fields, Cab Caloway,
Joe E Brown, etc...)

PS 27. Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
(Cab Calloway's Band)

PS 26. Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
(The Court Jester!!)

PS 25. Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
(W.C. Fields & Charlie McCarthy)

PS107. Mother Goose Goes Hollywood.
(Wallace Beery as Little Boy Blue).

PS 31. Mr. Duck Steps Out
(Donald Duck and Daisy Dancing)

PS 32. Mr. Duck Steps Out
(Donald Duck and Daisy on a Couch)

PS-332 101 Dalmatians
(All 99 Puppies and Sgt. Tibs)

PS-333 101 Dalmatians
(Cruella De Vil Puffing on her Cigarette)

PS-334 101 Dalmatians
(Sgt. Tibs & Two Puppies)

PS-335 101 Dalmatians
(Sgt. Tibs Pushing the Last Puppy Through the Hole)

PS-336 101 Dalmatians
(Cruella De Vil and Pongo)

PS-337 101 Dalmatians
(The Colonel & The Sergeant Unite Pongo & Perdie With Their Puppies)

PS-338 101 Dalmatians
(Roger & Anita Stroll With Pongo & Perdie As Jaspar & Horace Spy on Them)

PS-339 101 Dalmatians
(Nanny & The Newborn Puppies)

PS-340 101 Dalmatians
(Jaspar & Horace Posing as Electricians)

PS-341 101 Dalmatians
(The Puppies Covered in Soot)

PS-342 101 Dalmatians
(Cruella De Vil Screams at Jaspar & Horace)

PS-343 Peter Pan
(John, Michael , Cubby & Foxy

PS-344 Peter Pan
(Peter, John, Michael & Wendy fly past Big Ben)

PS-345 Peter Pan
(Peter & Hook Duel While Wendy and Smee Look on)

PS-346 Peter Pan
(Hook & Tinker Bell)

PS-347 Peter Pan
(Peter & Wendy about to fly out of the nursery window)

PS-348 Pete's Dragon
(Jim Dale, Red Buttons & Skeleton)

PS-352 Pinocchio
(Gepeto & Figaro Hear A Noise in the Workshop)

PS-353 Pinocchio
(Stromboli & Pinocchio)

PS-354 Pinocchio
(Jiminy Cricket Dances With his Umbrella)

PS-355 Pinocchio
(Pinocchio and the Boys are Saved from Pleasure Island)

PS-356 Pinocchio
(Gepetto and Figaro go fishing)

PS-357 Pinocchio
(All of the carved images on the shelf in Gepetto's workshop)

PS-358 Pinocchio
(Gideon with the cigar)

PS-359 Pinocchio
(The Blue Fairy turns Pinocchio into a real boy)

PS-360 Pinocchio
(Gepetto and Pinocchio on the raft)

PS-361 Pinocchio
(Stromboli gazes at Pinocchio)

PS-362 Pinocchio
(Pinocchio and Jiminy at night)

PS-363 Pinocchio
(Gepetto carries Pinocchio after Surviving Monstro. Jiminy, Figaro and Cleo are also present)

PS-364 Pinocchio
(The Blue Fairy appears to find Pinocchio in Stromboli's cage)

PS-365 Pinocchio
(Pinocchio, Jiminy, Cleo and Figaro all together at the end of the film)

PS-366 Pinocchio
(The Blue Fairy appears in Gepetto's workshop)

PS-367 Pinocchio
(Lampwick teaches Pinocchio to throw mud)

PS-368 Pinocchio
(Pinocchio dances with the Russian marionette)

PS-369 Pinocchio
(Gideon and Fowlfellow lure Pinocchio away from his home)

PS-370 Pinocchio
(Pinocchio's nose grows very long as he lies to Jiminy Cricket)

PS-371 Pinocchio
(Pinocchio dances with the French, Can-Can marionette)

PS-372 Pinocchio
(Jiminy rides a sea horse)

PS-373 Pinocchio
(Jiminy and Pinocchio with mule ears)

PS-374 Pinocchio
(Stromboli beams as Pinocchio dances with the Dutch marionette)

PS-375 Pinocchio
(Pinocchio sings by the pipe)

PS-376 Pinocchio
(Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket sneak out of Stromboli's wagon)

PS-377 Pinocchio
(Lampwick feeds Pinocchio full of candy)

PS-378 Pinocchio
(Stromboli locks Pinocchio in a cage)

PS-379 Pinocchio
(Pinocchio's nose begins to grow as Jiminy Cricket looks on)

PS101. Pinocchio
(Pinocchio and the Fish Swimming)

PS-349 The Rescuers
(Bernard, Bianca & Evinrude)

PS-350 The Rescuers
(Orville Eavesdrops on Bianca & Bernard)

PS-351 The Rescuers
(Bernard & Bianca Find The Huge Diamond)

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Disney titles are found on Pages 1 & 2
Warner Bros. titles are found on Pages 2 & 3
Limited availability titles and Television Show Publicity Stills are found on Page 4 & 5

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